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CAD 1/4" 10' Instrument Cable with USB-C Connector

CAD 1/4" 10' Instrument Cable with USB-C Connector

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This CAD U10-C instrument cable is equipped with a USB-C connector and a TRS Male 1/4 in connector, which allow you to connect your musical instrument to a computer or other compatible device. With a 10 ft cable length, you can comfortably move around while playing your instrument. The cable comes in black and is suitable for Audio Interconnect/Adapter purposes. Its Connection Split/Duplication is 1:1. This cable by CAD is a perfect choice for musicians who value great sound quality and reliability.

Remember, if you're connecting to an older Apple product, you'll need an additional adaptor for lightning cables or older USBs. Just look up"USB-C adaptor" and find the appropriate one. They're usually fairly inexpensive.

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