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Hal Leonard

Intergalactic Bass by Carlo Mombelli

Intergalactic Bass by Carlo Mombelli

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Scales, arpeggios, fingerings, theory and much more!

This book is based on the scale types that are necessary to master and understand the chord/scale relationships found in many styles of music. By keeping things simple and uncluttered, each page consists of only one scale type, illustrated on a bass guitar neck with the correct fingering––a vital part of organizing the hands. The more organized the hands, the easier it is to play. It's all about muscle memory and the ability to recall patterns easily.

Arpeggio shapes are super-imposed over the corresponding scale in order to create an understanding of the chord/scale relationship. Notation is also included, since it's a good idea to also associate finger positions with the notational equivalents.
A simple but comprehensive jazz theory section is also included.

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