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John Pearse 12-String Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings

John Pearse 12-String Acoustic Phosphor Bronze Strings

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Here are the top of the line phosphor bronze (no silk) wound John Pearse acoustic strings put together for an acoustic 12-string guitar. Every gauge is given special consideration to create the most balanced sound and playability.
Gauges are as follow:


1st/2nd .010 3rd/4th .014 5th .023W 6th .010 7th .030W
8th .012 9th .039W 10th .018 11th .047W 12th .027W

These are outstanding strings for the acoustic player who enjoys a slightly warmer sound, strings that bend and yet hold their pitch, and overall great playability. Phil Circle has been using these strings since 1989.

The very best strings available anywhere—with clear singing highs and rich sonorous lows—able to withstand the constant changes of climate associated with touring.

Some people enjoy the straight phosphor bronze for their brighter sound than the silk and bronze. These are the straight phosphor bronze.

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