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Konig & Meyer

Konig & Meyer Heli 2 17581 Compact Electric Guitar Stand

Konig & Meyer Heli 2 17581 Compact Electric Guitar Stand

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Konig & Meyer Heli 2 (17580) Foldable Electric Guitar Stand (Black)

Made in Germany, K & M stands are widely respected, durable, and priced right. Don't be confused by the less expensive stands, even by K&M. This is the high end durable stand.

Lighter & easier to use.

Especially soft instrument support.

New & innovative width adjustment.

Easy to fold (locks in place).

This is a top of the line, durable, foldable guitar stand with no parts sticking out that break easily, and no pieces that can fall off. In some cases, this may fit in the pocket of your gig bag or back of your amp.

Black with new innovative width adjustment.

Foldable with soft instrument support.

Durable, but lighter and easier to use.

This is the higher end model of the Konig & Meyer stands.

Stop using flimsy guitar stands with removable parts that bend and fall off. You deserve better treatment for your instrument and gear.

Worldwide proven guitar stand. The instrument is particularly well cared for thanks to the elaborate new rubber structure. With the innovative adjustable cross bar, guitars of different sizes or even other instruments such as a cello or French horn can be placed on the stand. For storage and transport the stand folds flat. In addition, we provide a practical transport lock. 

Adjustment: Foldable by bracket with hinge

Instrument support: Non-marring plastic material

Material: Steel

Suitable for:   Electric guitars

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