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Pumping Nylon (Guitar Method Book)

Pumping Nylon (Guitar Method Book)

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Pumping Nylon Guitar Method Book


Giuliani's 120 Right-hand Studies and 16 Left-hand Studies.
Tarrega Arpeggio Studies.
Musical Examples by Bach, Turina, Rodrigo, and more.

This is a great book for both classical guitarists and contemporary artists looking to improve their technique and understanding of the fretboard.

At the heart of Pumping Nylon is the famous Daily Warm-Up Routine, which includes 11 clever, helpful exercises to get both hands in shape and ready to play while also improving your technical skills. Your practice routine and technical prowess will improve, and you'll have fun as you learn.

World-class classical guitarist and well-respected educator Scott Tennant presents the most comprehensive technique handbook available for classical guitarists. This complete edition combines all three volumes of Scott's best-selling Pumping Nylon series. In addition to technical information not available elsewhere, it includes classic etudes by Carcassi, Giuliani, Sor, and Tarrega; musical examples by Bach, Turina, and Rodrigo; and original compositions by Andrew York and Brian Head. Learn easy to advanced repertoire pieces that are selected and designed to work with the various techniques addressed, including arpeggios, tremolo, scale velocity, and more.

You can find the music from this book on YouTube with a basic search.

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